Most people are doing classified ads today but what makes them better than everyone else. In this blog site, we are giving you some tips on how to become a better-classified ad writer. Creating a classified ad is a step by step process which enables you to get the reader’s attention to proceed to the next step. Writing a successful and means you have to pack up your message to create leads instead of the actual sales if you want to get some customers for your product. If you are using classified ads to attract buyers well it must be direct and short in which they can gather all the information they need to know without the hassle. Do your research and know which publication or website is the best for you to reach your audience. Ask assistance from national and local newspaper companies or even magazines to know if they like your sales target market. Most classified ads are charged depending on how many words or how long it is to finish reading so you better know how much you can afford before making one. Use your title to catch the reader’s attention. Highlight the benefits your company offers to the future employees and customers. Think of a question that normally a reader also often ask, this is also a good strategy to take someone’s attention. Using a larger font makes it more noticeable and make your headline short and direct to the point. Read your competitors ads and examine on what they offer their viewers for you to determine what is lacking.

Since your ad will be alongside with them it is way better for your ad to stand out against them. By determining what words or phrases appeals to you in other ads can be useful because you can also use them in your ads. Look at the category under which your competition places its ads, and decide if that section works best for your own ad or if another may work better.

Don’t forget the importance of highlighting your logo, many companies completely forget to work on a decent one or they just forget to add it to the ads, you might want to consider professional logo designers for the job.

The content of your ad must be briefly and immediately explained how is your offer unique from others. Highlight the benefits instead of the features. For example when you are trying to search for employees, mention the things that make your company a good place to work for, mention the high salary and the vacation they can get. Explain the things your product resolves and the top benefits it offers. Use a strong appealing action to attract the readers more, such as telling them to contact us for more information.

If your site creates leads, point the prospect to the site to get more information. Give some freebies in order to attract them more. For example, giving them a tip sheet upon buying one of your products. Try to write something in very friendly manner but in the same time appeals the viewers in reading your ad. Just like talking to a friend offering him something that can benefit him and the people around him.