Online publication does not always mean you have to pay for it, there are some ways to advertise your business freely. One example is through social media, through this you can post something about your business which your friends will surely see and you can convince them to share it with others. You can also create a page freely and invite random people that resides near your area of business. Also with the help of google, you can register your business on google places where customers can search for it by the help of google map for them to find your business conveniently. Write a blog with a context that is appealing to the readers and at the same time promoting your business. Post a video or photos of your business, products, and services that you offer. Searching for your business on Google might be very hard because of competition, so better learn how to SEO and apply it on your online page. Every time your business has updates and new things to offer make sure to also update your online page.

How to create a business blog

Choose a platform, this is the first thing you want to do and you want to do it right. Your platform will be the factor if it will make or break you. There are a lot of blogging sites you can use out there but choose the right one that first you. Register a domain name, after deciding on your blogging flat form, this will cost up to ten dollars. Using a .com domain is always an advantage because it is the one most known to people. Make a website name that is suitable for your business to avoid confusion among your viewers. Proper investment is always the key to a successful blog so do not hesitate to use your money if you just know what you are doing. Other entrepreneurs are too afraid to invest in blogging and they end up failing. Competing on the business industry today means you have to think advance and be one or two step ahead of the others. If you have the budget you can hire a professional writer to write something on your blog if you do not want to do it on your own.